september 2016

We all got our stories but please tell me what there is to complain about?

By | september 9th, 2016|Sverige|

Ibland är det inte konstigare än att man behöver stenar som gnistrar, rökelse som lugnar och salvia som städar bort. Eller så stänger man en dörr och låser in, trots att man vet att det kommer bli värre när man öppnar igen.

She’s a little bit tipsy, leans in for a kiss, she’s stealin’ your heart just like a gypsy. And there you are just a drunken star, just fallin’ in her eyes. Here’s to the good times, while there’s still time.

By | september 7th, 2016|Sverige|

I Have spent far too much of my life anticipating. Living a pathetic sort of half-life, where my dream occupied one plane while my life sped by on another. But I am done. I want to live everything. I want to feel the entire planet, I want to know all parts of life. I´m done [...]